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Flashing dead ESCs


Links when refreshing my Atom from scratch

Various links×3-BN-Race-Prop-2L2R-Pink_p_807.html

A good flow of adding components:

Ask Hackaday: Helping Hands

Range adjustments from Bobnova:

RotoriousFPV Crook 110

H8 Mini links:
Firmware note:
Devo telemetry:
Silverware telemetry:

Compiling silverware:

Choosing an ESC protocol

Trouble keeping your quad bound?

Thank you, Rotorgeeks:

FPV Frequencies for group flying

Everyone pics a color to choose frequencies that won’t conflict with each other.

Thanks to @Mullet from MMW!

Flashing CC3D to Betaflight

Took some research, but this video was the key:

BetaFlight binaries are now compressed into a single archive with all targets. You need to get that larger zip file from Github in order to get the CC3D bin file.

Take advantage of LibrePilot being able to flash a binary without using boot pads, in order to flash the BetaFlight bin file.

Lastly, when connecting to BetaFlight afterwards, you must power the CC3D before connecting to the configurator. I used a 1S battery connected directly to the + and – pins in the bank of pins for ESC signal wires.

Silencing your beeper

New 250mm Build Project (cont.)

It’s taken a bit of time to find out if it’s okay to update the firmware in my ESCs. In the end, I got in on good authority that it was okay to update from A-H-16 Rev 16.3 to A-H-20 Rev 16.6.

I also got to use the software approach for switching motor directions. When I built the quad, I wired two motors with ESC wires switched. According to what I had read, I had deliberately chosen front left and rear right to rotate clockwise. I ended up wiring everything in the opposite of what I wanted, so I used BLHeliSuite to set all motors to “REVERSED”. Easy.

Here are ending values for this configuration:

I did a motor test in BLHeliSuite as well. It operated identically to the Motors tab in BetaFlight, but it also had some advanced options, which I didn’t explore.

Next will be a prop test. I received a bunch of 6″ props yesterday, and drilled out the holes in a full set of 3-blade DalProp 6045s.