New 250mm Build Project (cont.)

It’s taken a bit of time to find out if it’s okay to update the firmware in my ESCs. In the end, I got in on good authority that it was okay to update from A-H-16 Rev 16.3 to A-H-20 Rev 16.6.

I also got to use the software approach for switching motor directions. When I built the quad, I wired two motors with ESC wires switched. According to what I had read, I had deliberately chosen front left and rear right to rotate clockwise. I ended up wiring everything in the opposite of what I wanted, so I used BLHeliSuite to set all motors to “REVERSED”. Easy.

Here are ending values for this configuration:

I did a motor test in BLHeliSuite as well. It operated identically to the Motors tab in BetaFlight, but it also had some advanced options, which I didn’t explore.

Next will be a prop test. I received a bunch of 6″ props yesterday, and drilled out the holes in a full set of 3-blade DalProp 6045s.