New 250mm Build Project (cont.)

Using XSR+ receiver and Taranis X7.

Set my BetaFlight Receiver tab like this: (from Not sure which parts are essential there.

This was essential, though… BetaFlight Configuration tab, set Receiver to “Serial-based receiver (SPEKSAT, SBUS…)” and Serial Receiver Provider to “SBUS”:

Bind procedure is to power receiver while holding down button in upper left, then using “[Bnd]” from Page 2 in my model’s configuration on the Taranis. I’m using the “Internal RF”, set to D16 mode. Powering receiver like that will give a flashing red light. Binding will make the change the light; cycling power will give just a steady green light on the receiver.

Changed Channel Map in Betaflight “Receiver” tab to “TAER1234”. This seems to be my default.

Channels 1-3 are rock steady at 1500 with no mod. Nice. Throttle shows 987-2011 by default.

Going to power up everything and see how the transmitter plays with the quad next.


Needed to enable switches on the Taranis so that they would be available in BetaFlight. Thanks to @UAVfutures:

I set up modes like this, though I don’t yet have a beeper installed:

Configuring Atom V3, don’t forget…

to set “align_board_yaw”!

Did you remember to calibrate your sticks after flashing your Devo?

Denovich said:

Did you remember to calibrate the sticks after you flashed your Devo?

Every time you flash you need to repeat that.

2) Transmitter Menu
1) Transmitter Config
Select Calibrate, hit ENT
Follow directions on screen.

Use Devo.

Visualizing PIDs on a point-by-point basis

This is from the CleanFlight docs here:

Getting over arming issues

Joshua Bardwell suggested min_check=1005 to another person, not sure if that’s an absolute value to all.

Eachine F4 Brushed FCB

Great info here:

dRonin tune:

…and I’m only now understanding that dRonin is another configurator:

Micro 32bits F3 Brushed FCB