First Whoop!

I just whooped for my first time! Cripes, that was a long time coming. MMW reds, E010 frame, Micro Scisky, and CM275T camera. I was actually FPVing, looking down on my screen, no LOS, cruising the loop of my lower floor. Woot!

My first “serious” FCB, the Micro SciSky FCB

I used this:

…to learn that I needed to install this:

…in order to Cleanflight this:

…which was possible after installing the driver and relaunching Cleanflight.

Switches on Tango are currently (left-to-right): AUX3, N/A, AUX2, AUX1

Things I learned:

First time flashing, needed this:

I thought I needed to use the “Flash Loader Demo”, but the technique in this video really did work, allowing me to do an initial firmware flash through Cleanflight: (NOTE: just be sure that your jumpers are reliably connected to the board)

I’m now flashed to ALIENFLIGHTF1’s latest version.