OrangeRx R614XN DSM2/DSMX


Eachine F4 Brushed FCB

Great info here:

dRonin tune:

…and I’m only now understanding that dRonin is another configurator:

Micro 32bits F3 Brushed FCB




Binding is between your receiver, not your FCB, and your transmitter!

I was struggling with getting my quad bound to my new Devo 7e (flashed with Deviation), and it’s because I had thought I was trying to bind via DSMX from my F3_EVO_Brush board. Duh, the FCB didn’t even have its own receiver! I had soldered a Das Mikro Rx, but hidden it under the camera’s foam case.

Looking at the Das Mikro, it only did DSM2, so setting spektrum_sat_bind=9 wasn’t ever going to work; I had to set spektrum_sat_bind=7!

Also, the Das Mikro only did PPM, so setting the Receiver tab of CleanFlight to RX_Serial wasn’t ever going to work either!

Learning the hard way, that’s my lot in life. Got it down, though, and things are progressing!

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