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“Adjusting midpoints” with my TBS Tango

I’ve been setting up my QX90C, a (hopefully) decent trainer for FPV. After all the hacking with my other bits, CleanFlight was relatively easy to setup.

What I didn’t yet get was how to set midpoints in the CleanFlight Receiver tab.

Well, after a little chat in the MMC Discord, I tried the Mixer feature on my Tango.

I had tried that about two weeks ago, but it didn’t make sense. I might not recall things correctly, but it did NOT seem to have a midpoint adjustment, only Min and Max.

I _did_ just update to the latest firmware, V1.14, for the Tango, and I found that I could adjust the midpoint in the Mixer, so that CleanFlight showed as close to 1500 as I could get. (Yes, I adjusted the Mixer values while I was in CleanFlight.)

When I saved and exited, though, I was a little freaked when things snapped back to maladjusted values! The cure was cycling power in both pieces, quad and transmitter. When I connected to CleanFlight again, midpoint levels had my adjusted levels.