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1 Watt Cool White LED – Heatsink Mounted
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Adafruit LED Sequins – Royal Blue – Pack of 5
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Adafruit LED Sequins – Ruby Red – Pack of 5
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Adafruit LED Sequins – Emerald Green – Pack of 5
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SMT Cool White 5050 LED – 10 pack
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Adafruit LED Sequins – Warm White – Pack of 5
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Lessons Learned about Quality Control

(from a chat, the story of how i came to realize how much i hate poor quality assurance in transmitters and more…)

my initial foray into brushless has been a flamewheel clone with cc3d. cc3d seemed cool cuz open source, but now, knowing more history, i could be more selective. banggood issues with that, got a replacement but shipping times suck, so i got a replacement from buddyrc which has been better, works at least, though a rare edition of the board, so basically zero docs on the added features (two additional ports that I can hardly find mention of). net result, bad board from BG.

so with buddyrc CC3D, i move towards getting the receiver connected, also from BG, an S603; well rated, cheap, not much dox. lots of experimentation with LibrePilot and learning about PWM, PPM, etc… (got some support here:, i’m coming to the conclusion that i’ve got a problem with my Roll channel, zero response. more experiments trying lemon sat rx through the S603, still nothing from my ailerons.

in the meantime, i order some other lemon rxs, not sats, and finally tried them tonight. easy peasy, my quad now has all parts working together.

the amount of time i spent trying all different pin combos, cables, protocols, plus shipping delays… all to conclude that the S603 has a hardware fault… over two weeks of trial-and-error… criminy! that said, lots of education, lots of impetus to work on other quads, all micros/brushed… lots more time here (at MMW’s forums), lol!

i’m batting around .500 with BG on hardware that works. not good. def driving me to other sellers. i’ve since bought stuff from MMW, buddyrc, even hobbyking

1st world problem, for sure, but defining experiences with BG